Clear clipboard automatically after copy and past

I am not a programmer so forgive my language. Please program Bitwarden to erase the clip board after a user copy & pastes a password or username.

I have been using Keepass for 7 years and have been looking at Bitwarden as an alternative. My company is offering LastPass Premium for free to its employees but I do not want to use LastPass. I would even pay for the Bitwarden Premium if it would erase the clip board.

this feature is a quickwin for security. After 1 min if clipboard = password than clibboard= “” :slight_smile:

Or even a setup timer in settings

Looks like they set it up… Not sure how long its been in the settings buts its there under settings > options > clear clipboard , set timer.

thanks, Bitwarden

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This is something KeePassXC does.
It is a bit annoying, especially if you paste repeatedly or in the case of KeePassXC need to type in a username before pasting.

Maybe auto delete after interval?


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I still want to clear keyboard not just after timer, but after paste. Because when I generate the new password and won’t save it in time, I will lose it.