Chrome on Android, BW fills password instead of username for Google account login

I’ve noticed an issue with BitWarden on Android.

When using Chrome to log into a Google account, the app fills in the password instead of the username in the username field.
On the desktop it works fine.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

I unfortunately can confirm this. I assume that this is a glitch on Google’s Android version of Chrome.
It does not occur under Windows.

There’s definitely a bug in/with Chrome for Android (I don’t have an iOS device to test with).
I also tried to use the custom fields method to fill the email address, but to no avail (although it’s possible I used the wrong custom field name and that’s the reason).

I’m wondering if there might be a workaround that BW could implement, or if it’s possible to report this issue to Google as a developer in case it’s something Google has to fix.