Chrome extension very slow for some tasks

I’ve been having some issues with the Bitwarden Chrome extension on both Mac and Windows.

Certain tasks perform extremely slowly in the extension popup window.
In particular, trying to interact (select, delete, edit, etc.) with the username field in an “Edit Item” window for a particular login is unworkably slow (10-90 seconds to visually reflect changes). The password field is sometimes affected as well, as is the “Copy Password” function in the generator tab. For “Copy Password”, the password is copied to the clipboard successfully, but the popup that says “Password copied” either doesn’t appear or appears after 5-30 seconds.

I’ve searched for other people having the same problem as me, but haven’t found anything, so my initial guess was other extensions interacting. I’ve tried disabling all extensions, but the problem persists on both Mac and Windows. Any help would be appreciated.


It has been discussed on Reddit before. But regarding Android.

Kyle has also dropped an answer talking about that.

For now, all we can do is sit and wait. And buy him a coffee to relieve the stress too. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI, I was unable to reproduce the issue yesterday on Windows. I’m not sure what changed.

The issue is still present on my Mac.

yes, it’s happening for some days I also noticed the same thing, the discussion of this issue and their solution on Cisco Customer Service page, if interested simply visit the site I think it helps most of the people.

Have had this problem for a year or so now. Any fix on the horizon?

For me the problem was caused by the chrome window being on a second screen (external screen connected to a macbook pro). Moving the window to the main screen instantly solved the issues. Obviously only a workaround, not a solution.

Have this issue using Vivaldi (Chrome derivative…), sometimes, very slow when clicking on the icon, takes quite a while (30/60 seconds…) to open and allow me to do stuff.
Other times not too bad.