Chrome extension repeatedly asks to login

Everytime I leave extension, session gets closed. It seems to happen since extension update. ¿Any idea why this happens?

Below are my current settings.

Thank you all.

If I understand the issue - you’ll want to just change your “vault timeout” option to be another value.

The “immediately” setting causes it to lock as soon as you let the extension window close.

So I have this problem as well. The issue for me is that even with the timeout action set as Lock and Unlock with PIN set, the extension actually fully logs out (master password is required again instead of PIN).

It’s made the extension very cumbersome to use since I have a very low timeout due to no master password reprompt being available for select sites. I appreciate the new feature, but I still sorely miss the Master Password reprompt from LastPass and don’t think it is a replacement. To protect a few sites and my CC, my only option is to make it very inconvenient to use Bitwarden for anything else.

Ah - gotcha! @rg9400 - this is actually an issue we just pinned down. Change the timeout option from Lock, to Log Out, and then back to Lock and it’ll respect your selection.

We’re working on a patch for this, but it only happens for updates and doesn’t reoccur if you toggle the timeout option.