Chrome extension and clipoard history


I use bitwarden for a wild now and I just start to use copyboard history in windows 10.

But I notice that password copied by bitwarden still in copyboard history even if clear copyboard is enable. Bitwarden only add a empty entry inside copyboard.

Is something can be do to avoid saw password on copyboard history ? I know that I can disable history but it really helpful for my work.


I don’t think there’s anything that Bitwarden can do. The Windows 10 clipboard history will store anything and everything that gets copied.

Do others password app work the same way ?

No windows api to clear footboard history ?

When I press Windows V on my computers I only see TOTPs from Bitwarden.

The passwords entered from Bitwarden are not there, whether done via Ctrl Shift L or by selecting them by mouse. There are empty entries, so presumably Bitwarden cleared these automatically.

Are they being stored somewhere else, as the Clipboard history does not show them?

Obviously if I was to cut them from Bitwarden and then paste them in that would be different. However, selecting Clear all from the clipboard menu exterminates the lot of them in this case.

Yeah, just selecting the entry for Bitwarden to autocomplete won’t copy it to the clipboard. But if you copy the password, it will end up in Windows clipboard history just like anything else you copy. It sounds like @Hydro is copying passwords.

Indeed it’s when I copy password or username.