Chrome add inn problem

Good morning.
For several days now I have had a problem with Google Chrome add in on Windows PC.
The problem occurs on 2 computers, a work Windows 10 and a private Windows 11.
Reinstalling add inn did not help.

On websites where additional authentication is required (entering the master bitwarden password) in order to receive a login and password, e.g. gmail (entire Google domain) or my bank, an additional window appears asking for authentication.
The problem is only on these pages.
I have autocomplete turned on in my browser settings.
Previously, this problem did not occur for almost a year.

This is an unintended consequence of your choice to simultaneously enable “Auto-fill on page load” and “Master password re-prompt” on login items for which you have set the “URI match detection” to “Base Domain”. So the browser extension is essentially doing exactly what you’re asking it to do.

Nonetheless, Bitwarden has already implemented a fix (to be released in version 2023.10) that will disregard your “Auto-fill on page load” setting for items that have “Master password re-prompt” enabled:


Until this release becomes available, you can solve this problem yourself, by disabling “Auto-fill on page load”, or by customizing the “URI match detection” configuration so that auto-fill only occurs on the login page.