Changing Mater Password - repeting error

So when I log into my we vault and access security, Theres a pretty hard to miss section on changing the mater password. I logged out of Bitwarden on my phone leaving this the only open portal. I enter the current master password and then enter the new master password as requested and repeat it in the next boss. I just spent an hour trying to repeat the process because after doing the above it pops up an error meesage saying master passwords must match. What am I missing here? Im 100 sure the current passworda are accurate and my input (tried multi diffrent ones.) all with no success.

Anyone ever had same issue or now whats causing this and how t fix it. Iā€™m 100% the new password and its confirmation id 100% correct.

all input welcome. Thanks.

Hi @OzzieKen1 - what website URL are you using for this?

Did you stick to the characters the Password Generator offers ?
These are: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and [email protected]#$%^&*

Yes I was using the allowable characters, this time however I went straight too the application then to web vault from inside the application and it worked that time. I have 2 yubikeys signed up for login 2fa do those need any attention or can I leave them as is? Thanks for replies.