Changed password and now locked out HELP

I recently changed my password and now I can’t login on my PC or Tablet. I can get in on my phone with my fingerprint, but of course it does not show me my password. I also can not export my password list without entering the master password. Is there any way around having to start from scratch?

And now it’s not giving me the option to use my fingerprint!

Start here: I Forgot my Master Password | Bitwarden Help & Support

As you mentioned that you do not get the option to use the fingerprint anymore I assume that you are completely locked out. If instead you are still logged in on at least 1 device get your most important passwords. Instead of writing them down making photos with a 2nd phone might be the better solution.

For the next time to have something like an emergency solution take a look at this:

it looks like I am now completely locked out, which is ridiculous. I do not understand why it no longer gives me the option to fingerprint or pin. what did I set them up for??? There’s no way to force it?

"Changing your Master Password will log you out of your current Web Vault session, requiring you to log back in with your new Master Password.

Other logged-in client applications (Mobile Apps, Browser Extensions, etc.) may remain active for up to an hour, however they will eventually also require you to log back in with your new Master Password."

Source: Your Master Password | Bitwarden Help & Support

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I know, after I changed my password I used the new one to relogin to everything so I know I am now using the correct one, but it is telling me it’s wrong, and now I can’t even use a fingerprint or pin. Just ridiculous

This is mentioned in the 2nd paragraph. The idea behind is that if your master password got exposed - which from my point of view should be the only reason to change it - whoever has access to the vault only will have it for a short amount of time and after that will be forced to use the new master password.

This post may appear insensitive, but honestly I would think you would want someone without knowledge of the master password to be forever locked out!

By the way, you won’t have to start over if you exported your csv/json vault file. The whole reason for the BW backup feature is exactly for a scenario such as this. Any chance you made your BW backup?

unfortunately, no, but I do have many of my passwords from an older program still on my computer, so I imported them into a new account. The thing that pisses me off is I’m sure I know what I changed the password too, and I’m sure it’s correct, it even matched my hint, but there’s no way of verifying now. Maybe there was a typo, but I doubt it as I used it on 3 different devices.

Just remembered that there was a user on this forum who used the " (double quotation mark) inside his master password and then could not log in on one of his devices. Unconfirmed lesson learned from this: Stick to the characters the password generator offers.

Found it:


Reminder: when you get it all setup do yourself a big favor and immediately export the json backup so YOU always have a working file to restore with. Literally takes a few seconds to eliminate the issue.

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