Change "vault is locked" to "unlock vault" in context menu

Feature name

change “vault is locked” to “unlock vault”

Feature function

current experience: right click, Bitwarden, Auto-Fill, Vault is locked
It would be great if you can change it to right click, Bitwarden, unlock vault
in order to immediately see that the vault is locked and clicking on “unlock vault” will open the form to enter password or pin code

Related topics + references

I wasn’t able to find anything similar

Sounds legit to me too.

Hi @DarkoDDio

thank you for your feature request.

This has been implemented with the current release: Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support

The additional change in text on the menu items I missed, but I’ve created a PR to fix it for the next release: [UX] Change menu items for unauthed and locked vault by djsmith85 · Pull Request #2285 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

I’m closing this topic as it has been implemented.

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