Change "type" of item

i though i was dumb, i was looking for the “where” but i see that this option do not exist, why is this not default, it is like a basic thing that should be there.


Throwing my vote in for this as well.
I came from Padloc.
I had items in my vault like devices that have admin passwords and user passwords.
I also had secret question answers for online accounts that were marked as passwords.
Also, there were times when I was forced to change a password for a service, but the process was wonky, so I had to keep track of both the old and new password for some amount of time.
After importing my vault into BitWarden, all of those things which were previously hidden are just plain text custom fields.
Admittedly, I have some cleanup to do on some of those items. It would be most convenient if I could just change the field type on the ones I want to keep, but instead I have to insert new fields and delete the old ones.
This seems like a fairly simple and straightforward UI and workflow change to the app. Please consider implementing it.

Ahhh…you mean there is no way to change item types (e.g., card, secure note, identity), when of course there should be!?!:roll_eyes:

As a new user, I came here to discover what I was missing and I find that the answer is nothing, because there is absolutely NOTHING to miss! :unamused:

Count me as just one of most users that needs (what would appear a simple) text change/entry function!:face_exhaling: But it must not be so simple, or it would have been implemented before almost 6-years had elapsed (6/2018 to 3/2024) sigh…!!

@AudioPhool If you have so many miscategorized items, it sounds like maybe you did an import that went awry. A better approach may be to start over and try to fix the import process.

Not many miscategorized items for me. I noticed a few that needed cleaned-up and my preference is to maintain a clean vault (logical associations).

However, it’s frustrating spending more time than necessary to figure out how to change a “type” one would assume is easily changable. But then more time must be spent searching Bitwarden’s Help, only to find that none is available. When then, there’s a need to finally come here to figure out, a “type” change isn’t easy, or possible!

Because of that, I wonder why a “type” change isn’t possible and why years of knowing this situation exists, have turned into over 1/2 a decade – as in don’t hold your breath – no change is coming. I can live and use Bitwarden without this change and I assume others can also. But I’m also sure none of us like it!

Is a change coming or not? If not, a Bitwarden Help screen needs to be created to alert all of the others that will be seeking to clean-up (as all here have) that they can’t. They then would not have to be told here to:

start over and try to fix the import process.

I do not personally have any miscategorized vault items and I’d rather not set up a dummy account in another password manager to get a potentially misformatted CSV file… can anyone share an example file (properly sanitized obviously) that they used to import into BW which caused improper item type association?

If someone can publically or privately share a CSV/JSON export file from another app, I’d be immensely grateful. Just a snippet of the file is fine as I should only need a few records to identify what’s going on.

While BW may not natively support the option to convert item types any time soon, I should be able to create a small tool to help. If I can offer something simple and functional, it might be at least an option in the interim until there is an official option. I’d need to see these “improperly formatted” files being imported into users’ vaults though to truly see what I can do.

Any community assistance would be great so I can hopefully help those in need of a solution.

Not to take away from your offer to build some type of community tool, but I just want to point out that Bitwarden does natively support import from a wide variety file formats, and that if any of those importers are not working properly, a bug report should be filed.

Import failures that I’ve seen on the forum tend to either involve export issues (e.g., the LastPass exporter is not always reliable), user error, or various corner cases.

If you want to build a useful tool, I would suggest making a front-end wrapper for a CLI-based tool that changes the value of items.type as specified by the user, and then uses bw edit to replace the old vault item by the revised version.