Change "type" of item

I also need this…Hoping some devs are seeing this thread.

Yes please, I just moved from 1Password and I have to change many items type manually.
Adding this feature will help people like me a lot.

New here, thanks! First post, and this, tbh, is one of the most important features missing, along with drag and drop into folders. Is there any commitment to do this?

Hi @fredu, our current roadmap is available here. You can also vote for the drag and drop functionality here.

Cheers, but this has been floating around for 4 years now it seems. Do I still need to vote?

The roadmap is subject to change but does show our current trajectory. Currently you can use the Bitwarden Web Vault to perform bulk actions such as selecting and moving multiple items.

Yup - imported from KeePass. I like Bitwarden, but I don’t like re-typing. Pleeease can we have a type change feature.

With respect to 1Password migrations, all my 1Password types have been retained in Bitwarden.

Strongly support this feature request. Would make using Bitwarden substantially easier.