Change "type" of item

I’m a new user and imported all of my data from 1Password. One frustration I have is that there is no easy way to change the “type” a preexisting item is. For example, credit card information was imported. However, they show up as logins. In order to make them a “card,” I must manually re-enter all of the information. I would really like to see the ability to be able to just edit the item and change the type to “card” instead. This would also come in very useful in the future when/if additional types are supported.

I strongly second that. For new users having to re-enter all their non-login items as something else might be too much work.
As someone who has tried to import from 1Password and see dozens of various types of items be labelled as login items - tens of software licenses, a dozen credit cards, tens of secure notes… - I can confirm switching to bitwarden will not be done with the current system. My loss? Not only.

I agree too.
I have just transfered over from 1password and am slightly horrified that my many different data types all show up as logins with no apparent way to edit this.
Please consider this feature request - I’m not looking forward to manually re-entering many items just so that I can set their correct type. I’ll hold off doing that for now in the hope this feature may become a reality soon? :slight_smile:

I back this request as well.
Just imported data from mSecure. All was put into Notes. It looks quite messy and moving 100+ records into cards and logins is way to elaborate.

I believe “type” can be specified as one of the field in the csv. I’d think it’s easier to edit the csv file prior to import than to edit inside bitwarden after import.

A much needed feature

Perhaps not a direct “change type” since the fields of each type are different and I see how it could be difficult to implement properly, but a “migrate type” where you are shown both types side-by-side and a best effort is made to move the data from old to new, but you are also given an option to move fields from the old type to new type manually.


I second this approach. As a new user, this is exactly what I need.

Is there still no way to do this ?

A migration feature to one type to another is a must to have.

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This is basic functionality that really should have been included from the beginning. Some of my imports (from mSecure) ended up as the “note” type with passwords exposed. I realize that the Bitwarden team (or is it one guy?) can’t predict all the different “types” that they’ll be importing, but it sure would be nice to be able to correct the “type” of existing records after import - mSecure can do this with no problem, as well as KeePass I believe. Seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of Bitwarden.

I came from EWallet and found all card types became LOGIN types in BitWarden. I too would like the ability to migrate an entry from one type to another. Perhaps pop the fields from both types involved and allow the user to map on a case-by-case basis.

Maybe it could be easier, since types structures are different, is to prepare separate csv exports from the old app, one for credit cards, one for logins, one for secure notes, and customize these csv (or other format) files to fit Bitwarden types. And the import each file specifying the type to import to.

I did the migration from SPB Wallet and I need to change type cards. Please add this feature.

I am faced with the same issue. Is there a detailed documentation for the bitwarden csv format? Maybe I can adjust my export “tool”.

Allow me to voice frustration too. Nothing super big for me, but I just noticed 4 items that were totally wrong in my vault. I was unable to change the “item type”. These items all have multiple attachments so I had to download them to my Desktop and then re-create a vault entry designating them with the correct item type. Wow, if I had a hundred of these that would suck big time!

This to do list item has been hanging out for months now. Anything coming down the pipe yet?

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Not on the roadmap just yet. Perhaps we can see if this fits as an enhancement to the clone feature.

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I also just switched from eWallet and was surprised to find that all of my cards ended up under “logins.” Also surprised to see that after 2 1/2 years this hasn’t been addressed, but then I guess it hasn’t gotten many upvotes.

On the other hand, how important is Type? It feels like I should have my credit and ATM cards under Cards, but since the folder structure from eWallet is preserved, am I really going to miss anything? In fact, since I had sub-folders for work vs personal cards, and debit vs credit cards, it may be more functional to stick with the imported folders?

Just imported from Keepass. No ability to change type from “Login” to “Identity”, “Card” etc. Please consider enabling this. Thanks.

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This is a feature probably mainly important for users that switch to BW and import a large number of items. If you enter new data you will use the correct type.

As you currently welcome a lot of switchers, this feature may climb up in the importance grading a bit :wink:

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After you Add Item there is no way when you go back and edit the Item that you can change/convert the Type (Login, Card, Identity, Secure Note) of that Item short of deleting the Item and reentering all the details over again. I imported from LastPass need to make Type changes.
Please provide a way to accomplish this.