Change password reminder/built-in timer

I think there should be an option to set a reminder after 3 months, 6 months, etc. to change a password for security. BW can then send a reminder to a mobile device, put an exclamation point next to the entry that needs to be changed, etc. Just so that users who have not changed a certain password in a while will be reminded that it’s a good idea to keep them rotating.

Yeah, I guess this have been discussed here before. But for now, if you’re a premium user, you can use the security reports to check all the sensitive data that can be compromised and do it manually. I know LP offered that option with ease, but there are things with higher priority right now.

This is very similar to:

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We can leave this open for just the alert function, and let the other thread capture the votes, etc. for capturing the expiration.

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I wish to see this feature available as well.
my requirements:

  1. I can set the frequently of password change reminder (3m, 6m, 9m, 1y). I can override the next password change date.

There are accounts that i hope to change frequently and some less frequently. So password policy should available for us to set. bw will notified us when we need to change password.

  1. I can mark an account to have password changed soonest.

sometimes, we might need to use other people’s computer or public computer to do something. even though, we will logoff afterwards. But i wish to change the password as soon as i can.
So during login on to other’s computer, upon reading my password from bw, i wish to mark the account to have password change soonest. I can then change the password after back to my own computer, change them in 1-2 days, may be. etc.

Hi All,
I guess that would be a very good plus a ‘reminder’ to change the passwords stored in the vault, kind of deadline or expiration notice, maybe with a day counter field?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your post!

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Which password are you referring to? Your Bitwarden master password, or the passwords stored in your vault? It’s actually no longer best practice to routinely change passwords - both NIST and the NCSC recommend only changing your password if you suspect it has been compromised.

Hi Danmullen,

Thanks for taking my post in consideration.
Despite of the guidelines, maybe you’re not aware that you’re password has been compromised. So my personal opinion is that the frequency you change a specific password must be directly proportional to the importance of the password itself.
This is just a personal idea.
Kind regards.