Change of network causes session to expire

Any time the network changes such as going from a wired network while laptop is docked to a wireless network when undocked not only logs the browser extension out but also triggers the yellow “Your login session has expired” message which prevents logging back in until the browser has been closed and re-opened from scratch. It also causes the same issue with the desktop application although this one might stay logged in for a few minutes before it finally logs out by itself. I have both set to only timeout the vault on system lock and the vault timeout action is Lock. I also have both biometrics and PIN unlock enabled although every time the browser extension gets logged out the PIN unlock setting is unchecked again. The iOS mobile app has no problem changing networks or anything else like that. I have only to scan the fingerprint and it unlocks every time.

How do I prevent this “Your login session has expired” message from appearing so frequently and disrupting my use even when I am just undocking the computer and moving to a different room without even locking the computer? Is there something happening across the network that is falling out because of the change to/from WiFi? The only network access that I think should be happening is when I manually initiate a sync with the cloud vault. If there is a setting I can change to make that happen that would likely help somewhat.

OS: Windows 10 (2004)
Browser: Edge Chromium
iOS: 14.4

So far, I’m only using Bitwarden as a test to see how well it functions and determine ease of use which means I have intentionally been trying many scenarios with it. Ideally, since I use a strong password for Windows login/unlock, I would prefer to only need a quick fingerprint swipe for the browser extension and not even use a desktop app. I’m going to be trying the browser extension with PIN unlock and the desktop application uninstalled next to see how well that works for me.

I think I’ve narrowed it down somewhat. Our MitM Proxy (not a system proxy) has session timeouts and apparently what’s happening is that the Proxy doesn’t get a chance to authenticate (unless I manually go visit some external sites first) which means Bitwarden is not able to login. I was under the mistaken impression that Bitwarden would still function in an “offline” read-only mode if it couldn’t communicate with the server but apparently that’s not correct. The downside to this is that because the Bitwarden session is “expired”, after proxy authenticating I then have to re-login to Bitwarden with the full master password several times each hour.

What are the network IPs/Ports that Bitwarden needs to be able to communicate with to maintain session connection?