Change history of ALL fields

Currently Bitwarden keeps a history of edits passwords and secret fields. I suggest to store a change history for all fields, because they can contain important data, the random loss of which can be very painful.

Similar to the “History” feature of KeePass, essently an audit log of all changes.

I like KeePass’ approach where you can drill into the history entry to see the “effective entry” at the time of the change. Also the ability to delete the change records.

I realize pby a tall order. But a a simple history of all entry changes to start would be great!

Seems odd to me to implement history for passwords and not the entire item.

This is another must have feature before switching away from KeePass.

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Storing a change history for the “notes” field, or other custom text fields is especially important. This may contain security question answers, and so random loss can be quite painful. This feature does exist in lastpass.

The original github feature request was for a change history on all fields, with the “notes” field specifically emphasized. I am surprised that the community forum discussion for the same feature was given a different title, and later marked as closed, even though a history for only passwords was implemented.

Referenced links:
(Password change history)

PS, A good version history need not take up much space in the database. Typically a program would use a “diff” library to store older versions of text.

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