Change from Vivaldi to Chrome. No Sync with Chrome extension

I have been using Bitwarden in Vivaldi for a long time and thought it might be a good idea to change to Chrome. I installed the BW extention and its there but empty. I had thought the vault would magically copy over.

Can anyone point me to the howto page for change of browser please.

Ideally I want it to be active in both browsers and keep them synced but just getting Chrome up and running would be a good start.

Hi @CliffDee, and welcome to the forums!

Can you provide a little more detail? Are you logging in to the chrome extension with the same credentials and seeing an empty vault?

I now have a Vault if I click on the extension but it is not yet filling in passwords into logins

Are you using the keyboard shortcut, or wanting to enable auto-fill on page load?

Keyboard shortcut

Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Autofill, press again to cycle through matching logins

Auto-fill on page load

To enable this feature, navigate to SettingsOptions in your browser extension, select the Enable Auto-fill On Page Load option, and choose your default behavior. Once enabled and the default behavior is set, you can additionally specify auto-fill on page load behavior for each individual login:

Thanks its settled down now and is working as I remember. You are a live saver, many thanks. I will read the manual when I get a minute as I am sure I am not using all the features.

Again, thank you.

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