Change font

I would personally prefer a new font selection. Specifically one that easily distinguishes between O and 0, as well as i and L. The color variation helps, but text is not always shown with colors (notes are a prime example).

Roboto is a perfect alternative example. Each character is easily distinguishable of its lookalike.

I support this just for password fields. 1Password has this including different colors for alphanumeric characters, numbers and symbols.

@MetBril the main purpose isn’t just for passwords. It’s for the data altogether. Emails, usernames, license keys, etc. that are sensitive to getting things precisely correct.

I don’t always have the luxury of copy/pasting it to where it needs to go. Sometimes I’m typing said information into a different device, and have to read it off my phone or computer. A simple adjustment like the application’s font would go a long way for something like this.

I understand. However, I personally like Bitwarden to blend into my OS of use. That implies using system fonts where possible.

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That might be your personal preference, doesn’t mean it’s efficient. They could implement an option to keep the font as is, if that’s really that important to you. I would personally prefer something more useful to avoid having to repeatedly type license keys and such until I get the correct character.