Cards need an URL field

When I add a new entry with the type “Card”, I miss and URL field.
For all cards (coffee shops, furniture stores, other shops with a bonus card program) I can enter an URL and Bitwarden could download the favicon for this URL.

Just started using BW and I totally agree. Every Type should have a URL field available. In this day and age URLs are used everywhere… My Mastercard has a website that I can login to. My personal info does also. And same for Secure Notes.

Couldn’t it easily be added to the Custom Fields, so we could just add it if we wanted?? I’m having to add my bank URL to my Mastercard as a Custom Field / Text. And I can’t click on it to open the website? Annoying…

Also this could be used to only show the card on the relevant website.

In my view, providing a URL for ALL item types (except perhaps Secure Notes) is essential. Almost all Bank/Credit Cards, Bank Accounts etc have associated logins requiring URL/credential support - and have done for many years - and the lack of a link betwen the card and its associated online login is a major flaw.

I am looking at Bitwarden as part of a Cyber Security bundle I am putting together for my business to provide as a part of our IT service portfolio. I really like how Bitwarden works generally, its wide browser and mobile device support, its security model and its structure allowing multiple individual/business/family vaults. But the lack of a URL and login credentials for Bank Cards rules it out of contention for our requirement. My existing (but ageing) password manager app has supported URLs in all record types for 20 years - although other aspects of its design mean I’m looking to replace it with an altogether more modern product.

Come on Bitwarden, please implement this as your product isn’t a credible solution without it. I can’t believe this suggestion was made in Oct 2020 and is still unimplemented, nor to be honest that so few have supported it!