Card start date and type (Credit/Debit/Charge) should be first-party supported fields

Feature name

  • Add more fields to the existing default Card template.

Feature function

I am aware of existing requests for things like a birthday field and a gender field for Identity, but I’ve not yet seen anyone ask for Card Start Date or card type (Credit, Debit, or Charge) for Card.

I envision it working the same as the existing expiry date fields - separate boxes for month and year.

I am aware of shopping flows which ask both for the card start date, and very specifically for “Visa Credit” vs “Visa Debit”. I’d like to be able to Autofill using bitwarden. Admittedly with custom fields right now I can reference only Bitwarden (rather than go and get the card) to complete the entire checkout flow.

Create custom fields.