Can't log into the app or web version on different devices

Hi there, i don’t know where to go for help and haven’t found people with similar issues, so i’m asking here:

Is it just me or it’s not possible to be signed in on multiple devices ? I am currently on the free version, logged in on my laptop (browser and desktop app). Whenever i try to login on another laptop or my phone, it says wron login/password, but i’m using the same master password.

Am i missing something ? do i need to upgrade to a paid version ?

Hi @dsine and welcome to the Community!

According to the documentation on the various Bitwarden Plans, there is no limit on the number of devices you can be logged into as part of the free version.

What happens if you completely log out of the desktop app that is working on your laptop? Are you able to log back in?

:point_up: Could be dangerous advice!

@dsine Try using the logged in desktop or browser app to create a JSON export (unencrypted). This will confirm that you are using the correct master password, and it will also create the backup data that you will need for starting over, in case logging out of you laptop clients leaves you unable to log back in.

Someone on Reddit recently had a problem with using accented characters, which may be represented by different codes on various devices.

Try using only straight ASCII characters in your password and see if that works.

As a free user, I haven’t encountered any limits so far (there aren’t supposed to be any) on the number of devices.