Can't import data from passpack V7


I am a new bitwarden user trying to come from an old version of passpack (V7). When I try to import the data, it says it is incorrect format, but no specifics, so I don’t know what exactly is wrong. My suspicion is that the import is for passpack V8 and not V7.

Where can I find the expected format definition?

Monty Shaw

If you’re able to, you can format your data in a Bitwarden-shaped CSV (or JSON):

Yes I saw that and I could do it that way, I was just hoping it was a bug with the import, or I could just delete a column. something easier than completely reformatting a 400+ line csv file. Also there are a few different definitions of a csv file as well. I’d really like to know if the bitwarden import can handle a multi-line double-quoted string as a field in a csv. Because that is the way passpack creates the notes portion of the password entry. So you’d need to allow CRLF within a quoted field to work. Some csv definitions and code support this, others do not.

Also I wish there was a preview before posting available here. edit: oops there is :slight_smile:


Ok I got it all imported using the bitwarden format.