Can't enable browser extension biometrics

works for me-thank you!!

Hello, Im having the same issue with Firefox Dev Edition and Firefox v119.0.1. Already tried to re-enable the checkboxes on both web extension and desktop app in macOS 14.1.1 and I was unable to make the biometrics work for both browsers. Works fine in chrome.

looked to simple to work. But, it did work. Thanks dude

Thank you! this worked for me as well.

Thank you for the fix, this worked perfectly for me! Any plans to fix this bug?

Bitwarden website says it does not support biometric integration with the windows store version. This process fixed it for me.

  1. Uninstall bitwarden desktop
  2. install from here: Install and Sync All of Your Devices | Bitwarden
  3. Install for all users (requires Admin permission)

I’m not sure which step (or all) fixed it.

Could you share which workaround you’re referring to? Struggling to fix it on my Gener8 (Chromium) / Mac M2 as well

The one that my post is replying to:

disable the browser integration in the desktop app, try to enable biometrics in Chrome extension (getting the error again) then re-enable browser integration in the desktop app, then try to enable biometric login in the extension once more (successfully this time)