Can't enable biometrics for Chrome or Edge browser extensions

I don’t think biometrics is supported on macOS Edge in latest v1.25.1 Desktop App.

Looking at newest code changes: Comparing v1.25.1..master · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

You can see extra code added to support Edge and Chrome Beta/Dev/Canary not included in latest official release.

I don’t think there is an easy workaround here and you may have to wait for the next Desktop release (v1.25.2 or v1.26.1)

That would be odd, since the option is available as a setting in both the Edge extension on Mac as well as the Mac Desktop App. But I can certainly wait on the next update, just throwing my issue in the bin here.

Wonder if anyone has a workaround or solution yet? The extension version is 1.51.0; Edge version is 91.0.864.67 and bitwarden desktop version is 1.27.1.

Also I do not need to keep Bitwarden desktop app unlocked and running to use the “biometrics” with Edge browser extension unlock, right?

I can’t speak for Edge, but using Chrome you definitely do have to have the desktop app open and unlocked in order to unlock the browser extension with biometrics.

Could you try toggling the setting on/off? We only generate the manifests when enabling the feature. And if the setting were enabled in a previous version it probably hasn’t generated the manifests for Edge.