Can't enable biometrics for browser extensions | Integration

I am a new Bitwarden user with a Premium Individual account. I have the Desktop application installed and configured on a Windows 10 PC and I also have both the Chrome and Edge browser extensions installed. The Desktop app is v1.24.6 and both browsers have the v1.48.1 extension. The PC has all current OS updates and I access it via a Microsoft account with Windows Hello (Face ID and PIN) configured and functioning correctly.

Everything about my Bitwarden configuration seems to work as expected with one important exception; I cannot get either the Chrome or the Edge browser configured for biometric unlock access. The desktop app is configured for biometric access and it works as expected. But even though the “Enable browser integration” desktop app setting is selected, the desktop app is running/unlocked, the browser extensions have the “Communicate with cooperating native applications” permission and all other browser extension features work as expected, I cannot successfully configure either extension to “Unlock with biometrics”. Selecting the setting in either browser extension results in a pop up window directing me to “Start the Bitwarden Desktop Application” alongside a running, unlocked Desktop application window displaying the account vault contents.

I have exhausted my troubleshooting repertoire and would sincerely appreciate any advice from community denizens.


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