Cant disable admin page on docker

Happy to hear you got the config.yml variables figured out, and websockets working.

Edit: You may see Vaultwarden refered to as bitwarden_rs, aka Bitwarden in RUST. Bitwarden_rs is the name the project went under before the rebrand change to Vaultwarden. So if you see this, don’t be confused between which is the official container and which is the fork. Bitwarden_rs is also deprecated and will no longer be receiving updates from their devs, as such they have a wiki article on switching to Vaultwarden.

Have you already moved your data into the Bitwarden containers?
Once you no longer needs Vaultwarden you can simply delete the container and any volumes or data associated.

Please be sure data is moved, and possibly take an unencrypted backup export of your vault into an encrypted container prior to deleting any data.

Migrating data between the two might be a bit tedious, as I do not believe there is an easy way to easily switch the databases. You would need to most likely instead perform an export from Vaultwarden and import into Bitwarden.
Downloading and uploading any attachments manually as well, unless you look at other possible 3rd party programs that may be able to assist with this process.

I typically run these in separate VMs to prevent these types of issues, but these are certainly interesting use cases.
I assume having both Bitwarden and Vaultwarden running simultaneously may have some conflicts with each other.

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