Can't change email address, 'invalid token' error

Hi all

I have been trying to change the main email address i use with bitwarden today.
I log in to the web vault and start the process.

The email takes quite a while to come through but i eventually receive it.
I enter the code shown in the email and i receive an ‘invalid token’ error.

I have had this happen three times, tried on two seperate computers.

Does the process to change email address actually work? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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How about if instead of trying to change the eMail-address you just create a new account using that new eMail-address ? Might not be the perfect solution but still a workaround.

If you’re still having issues, we do want to address them.

If it’s time-sensitive and you can’t get it to work, then creating another account is a workaround, but please reach out here: Contact | Bitwarden so we can help troubleshoot and/or create a bug report.