Cannot quit macOS Bitwarden

Having the same issue. Is there somewhere I can +1 your bug report?

Found it: Bitwarden will not quit · Issue #8365 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

If you’re experiencing this issue, please +1 the issue.

Given the issue is happening for quite a few people, but not for others using exactly the same configuration and steps, then we need to characterise the problem further.

We know it does / does not happen on both Intel and Apple silicon.
We know it does / does not happen with the current OS version.

The next obvious target for difference is browser integration. Would those interested please list the browser used, whether it was open at the time, and the state of either or both of the extension and the app (locked/unlocked, logged in/out)?

My data:
Safari 17.4.1, open
Bitwarden app set to close to menu bar.
Tested both locked and unlocked states.
Always quits normally, by any standard means.
Shutdown is not impeded, whether Bitwarden is open or quit.

We need to find the consistent thread of failure.

Also had this problem, and @raphant’s suggestions worked for me.

I was also experiencing this problem. I have not been able to QUIT Bitwarden in recen weeks, and have to FORCE QUIT Bitwarden to reboot. I am using MACOS Monterey with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

I read @raphant’s post and realized the setting he references is found in the Bitwarden PREFERENCES. I unchecked the CLOSE TO MENU BAR option and I am now able to QUIT Bitwarden and and reboot without the irritation of having to FORCE QUIT Bitwarden.

This appears to be a Bitwarden bug.

I had the same problem on MacBook Pro M1 with Safari. Closing BW it was still running and blocking Mac from shutdown or restart until forced kill. The feature came suddenly.
I re-installed MacOS, but did not help. Was just looking in the forum and tried @raphant’s recommendation to change the BW settings. It works for me. Thanks all for this post.

Had the same issue. The app’s menu bar was not showing so adjusting settings was not an option. The app’s logo was showing though at the menu bar, and by pressing exit it finally quit. I was then able to update it, which fixed the issue.