Cannot login Web Vault

Hello, Today i have been update to log into the web vault Bitwarden Web Vault.

When i go to the above link, I am greeted by the Bitwarden logo with a spinning circle below and unable to proceed an further, any ideas?

@Jackhirst38 Welcome to the forum!

Maybe try instead?

Same story there also

Not sure whats changed, i have tried a different browser, clear cookies and cache

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce your issue.

Can you try it from a different device? Change your IP?

Maybe try opening the Dev Tools (using F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) and looking at the Console and Network tabs for clues?

Maybe try a browser private window as well? I know every once in awhile I have issues with a browser that doesn’t present the same way in a private window.

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There was a recent outage window for “app updates to the web vault”. Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache for

Yeah, try it with a private windows without extensions, and then with a new profile, without extension.

I don’t have the same problem here either.

So looks like this is a work computer thing. Loads up on my phone browser just fine and I tested it with a collegue with her computer and it didnt work with her. Think it was a recent update to work system thats caused this issue. Its not blocked the website, it just doesn’t allow the website the fully load to the login screen.

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