Cannot login bug

For some reason, Bitwarden will not accept any passwords when I open it then put the laptop to sleep and try to login after waking the laptop up from sleep.Clicking the login button does nothing with or without the correct password. Been happening since updating Bitwarden to V1.14.0. I’ve got this bug on my Windows 10 Pro laptop and PC both on 1809 17763.379. Anyone else having the same problem?


If it’s a reproducible bug, you may also want to post it on bitwarden’s GitHub.

As a first step, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling bitwarden.

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Ive tried uninstalling (with revo uninstaller) then reinstalling but it didn’t do anything. I’ll post it up on github a bit later.

Bugs report should be posted on GitHub, as @bit said

You can check here if some similar issue has already been posted, and if you don’t find anything then you can create a “New issue” :slight_smile: