Cannot log in to Android app: "There is a problem connecting to the server"

Previously, Android and my two Macs were working great with Bitwarden.

I recently updated my master password, and after logging out of Bitwarden on both Macs and my Android device, opted to rotate the encryption key as well.

I then could log into Bitwarden using my new password just fine on my Macs. But on my Android device, I get the titular error message.

Note that when logging in to my browser extension, it takes my master password and then prompts me for my 2FA code, before working perfectly. On my Android device, I enter my email and password and it gives me the titular error message before ever prompting me for my 2FA code.

I have tried deleting the Android app and reinstalling, but the issue persists.

I have tried disabling 2FA via the website, and the issue on Android persists.

I have tried deleting the BitWarden application from my Android device, logging out from and deleting the Bitwarden Chrome extension from my browser (Brave) on both of my Macs, logging into the main webpage, changing my master password again, rotating the encryption key again, reinstalling the Bitwarden android app, and logging in. The issue persists.

Browsing here shows a few instances of people getting the same error, but in all cases, they are doing self-hosting stuff and fancy certificate mumbo jumbo that makes my eyes glaze over – I am not doing any self hosting or anything like that. Just a normal end user here.

Any suggestions?

Edits: Adding some steps I’ve taken

BitWarden support contacted me regarding my message above, suggesting to try the beta version of the Android app. The beta version fixes the issue noted above. They go on to say the beta will be released in the “next few days.” Just FYI.