Cannot load letsencrypt certificate

I’m trying to access letsencrypt certs I’m using for my site.
I’ve created a bitwarden user and can list the fullchain.pem and privkey.pem eithout any problem.

When I start bitwarden I get this error, though

022/03/28 06:42:47 [emerg] 1#1: cannot load certificate "/etc/letsencrypt/archive/xxx/fullchain3.pem": BIO_new_file() failed (SSL: error:02001002:system libr
ary:fopen:No such file or directory:fopen('/etc/letsencrypt/archive/xxx/fullchain3.pem','r') error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file)

Hi @poldi - are you running a legitimate Bitwarden instance, or is this some other server app like vaultwarden?

If this is a legitimate copy of Bitwarden server, can you provide some more details of your installation, such as server version, device details, OS version, networking details, etc.? Thanks!

This is an download from the official site.
./ help shows

Open source password management solutions
Copyright 2015-2022, 8bit Solutions LLC,

=================================================== version 1.47.1
Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086
Docker Compose version v2.3.3

Then you should only have to update it, if that’s the case:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Ended up reinstalling bitwarden and am using the letsencypt cert via a remote proxy Apache (see my post Linux installation with existing apache server - #4 by accolon).

That seems to work. Note sure if this is correct, though.