Cannot get family sponsorship to work

Background: I had paid family account (the 2019 version) under my company address. I took the family sponsorship into use. I created an account for my personal email address. I added the personal address as an owner of the family organization. I ended the paid agreement for the family organization.

In my company account, I can see that this sponsorship is active on my personal account. In my personal account, I cannot see the sponsorship at all. Am I supposed to see it from somewhere? I can only see that my payment for the paid plan is waiting to be terminated. How do I know that my account now has the free sponsorship?

Hi @LL11 and welcome to the community,

Did you create a new Families Organization under the new personal account, or simply create a new personal account and redeem the sponsorship under the older 2019 families plan?
If it is the latter, then you may wish to contact support to have them convert the old 2019 Families plan for you to the newer plan option.

:information_source: Note

If you are on the 2019 Families plan, you can still redeem a sponsorship but your organization will not automatically include all features released after 2020. For help upgrading your plan, contact us.