Cannot figure out how to transfer login to another collection or organization

I’ve been using Bitwarden for about a year now. I’m the owner of my own organization and also the admin for another organization. I am also able to log into both organizations. Everything has gone smoothly up till now, but now I’m having a bunch of problems. Here are three things I’m dealing with currently.

It used to be when I first started using Bitwarden that I could select a Share option to put a record from one organization in collection visible by another user. Now the Share option seems to be gone?

I tried to transfer something from a collection in my organization to another organization, but no matter what I do it tells me that zero items can be moved to the selected organization.

I’ve also tried cloning the same record and assigning the clone to another collection, but it always tells me that the other organization has no available collections. It does though. There is a default collection in the other organization and I am listed as its admin.

I have no idea what’s going on.