Cannot connect to web server

Ok, I’ve never really worked in GCP before. Trying to figure it out. I just followed a tutorial on how to setup bitwarden in GCP. I followed the instructions on this site.

The instructions went perfect without error.

I bought a domain name using google domains. I set up the networking for my VM to have a static IP. I setup an A record for my domain to my static IP. But, when I try to go to the domain in a browser, it doesn’t work. When I ping the domain name on my PC, it pings to the correct public IP. The GCP firewall states it’s allowing inbound 443. Any ideas? I’m sure this is something simply stupid wrong I’m doing.

The issue here would be that the author invalidly associates and instructs you to download a product that is not Bitwarden, but instead Bitwarden_RS, aka now known as Vaultwarden.

At this point, all that’s left to do is to download Bitwarden’s Docker image and run it. The following commands accomplish just that:

docker pull bitwardenrs/server:latest
docker run -d --name bitwarden -v /bw-data/:/data/ -p 80:80 bitwardenrs/server:latest

At this point, Bitwarden is fully installed on your server.

I would highly recommend verifying this is what you intended to download, and if so please reach out the the appropriate help forums for further assistance.

As an alternative, you may chose to download the Bitwarden Unified (Beta) which should fit within the constraints of the GCP always free-tier as described in the article.