Cannot access bitwarden anymore using nginx

Having a bit of a headache configuring nginx on my synology…
Here’s the setup

  • BW in docker with local ports 85 and 3012. I can access BW at http:/IP:85

  • using nas. synology. me domain with letsencrypt cert and wildcard. Worked well when I used DSM reverse proxy mapping 443 to 85, I could use app and web to access BW at htt ps:// subdomain. nas. synology. me, except could not livesync or save which uses port 3012…

  • just installed nginx on docker which works well. Imported my cert, and configured a new proxy like so:
    scheme: http
    forward port: 85
    websockets support ON
    Force SSL (+ HSTS and the lot)
    Advanced config:
    location /notifications/hub {
    proxy_pass htt p:// IP:3012;
    proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
    proxy_set_header Connection “upgrade”;

    location /notifications/hub/negotiate {
    proxy_pass htt p:// IP:85;
    Cannot access the BW subdomain.
    I get ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED at subdomain. nas. synology .me:85

Any pointers ?
Thanks for your help
PS : sorry for the spaces in the urls it’s because of the forum limitation in numbers of urls for a new user^^

Hello @Johann - what version of Bitwarden server are you currently running? I ask because, generally speaking, Bitwarden can’t be installed on a Synology device.

Damn that’s a good question since by looking for it I just noticed it is deprecated…
here is the image I’m using:
I guess I need to switch to vaultwarden ? What do you recommend ?

Personally, I don’t trust any of the software developed by third parties that is designed to look exactly like Bitwarden. None have any association to the actual Bitwarden developers, or this community, so their trust level is far too low for me to use their software to store all my passwords and secret info.

My best advice is to reach out to the developer of the Bitwarden imposter software that you installed and see if they can help, if that’s even possible.

Since this post isn’t about a Bitwarden product, I am going to close this thread, but if you have any questions about that @Johann, feel free to DM me. Cheers.