Can the chrome extension password list display notes

Can the chrome extension password list display notes.

At present, only the user name and website domain name are displayed in the list. Sometimes I have multiple accounts, which are distinguished by notes, but they will not be displayed in the list. I think this function is necessary.

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I assume that this is a case where your usernames are different, but you cannot infer the purpose/function of the account from seeing the username.

Please note that the “Name” of the login item does not have to be limited to the website domain name. Thus, instead of having multiple login items that are all named “”, you can give them descriptive names that are distinct — e.g., “Amazon (Work)”, “Amazon (Personal)”, “Amazon (Family)”, etc.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I overlooked this, I’ll put a note after the name

Glad I could help. I moved this topic to the Ask the Community section of the forum and marked it as solved, since it seems like your original problem has been resolved. Feel free to submit another Feature Request if you believe that there is a way to improve how the apps function.