Can one person register 2 or more free accounts (of

Tried to search this in FAQ but couldn’t find an answer.

Can one person register 2 (or more) free accounts of, using different email addresses, for different purposes (e.g., personal or work), and log in multiple accounts at the same time with bitwarden client app?


As I understand you can have up to five accounts logged in at the some time. So I would say it’s safe to have multiple Bitwarden accounts.

Just make sure you have a unique master password to each of these accounts.

According to the Terms of Service, “one person or legal entity may maintain no more than one free account”. Thus, if you wish to be in compliance with the terms, you would need Premium accounts for all but one of your Bitwraden logins.

It is possible to be logged in simultaneously in more than one account if using the Desktop or Mobile apps; however, you can only view/use one of the accounts at a time, with the ability to use account switching to quickly switch from one account to the other.

If you want to have multiple accounts that use shared vault items (i.e., each account can simultaneously see items from their own vault and from a shared item collection, then you need to set up an Organization.

@Shorten8345 It does not say all 5 accounts can be free accounts. The 5 accounts can be from different servers/services, or paid bitwarden accounts.

@grb OK, that answered my question, thanks!

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