Can not get bitwarden to work

I have installed bitwarden and it shows on my desktop. I have watched several tutorials on bitwarden. The images shown on the tutorials look nothing like what it looks like on my desktop.

I think my problem is that there is NO extension icon on my Internet explorer. I tried getting it from the Microsoft store, but it says I have no place to install it. Microsoft can drive me crazy.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Mind if you clarify what browser you’re using? Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge?

I want to use Bitwarden on Internet Explorer.

Hello there,

I don’t believe Internet Explorer will ever be supported. Bitwarden is written using WebExtension that IE doesn’t support.

Sighs that is too bad. IE is my main browser that I use for my searches sites that I log into every day.

Internet Explorer is under planned obsolescence, with Edge replacing IE11 in Windows 10 by default (IE11 available for compatibility reasons only).

There’s also a recent change to the engine underneath Edge - Microsoft is set to replace it with Google’s engine (Blink), so it’s more than likely that when released, Bitwarden’s chrome plug-in may work as-is, or with minor tweaks.