Can I configure a login entry to say "2fa has been set up, but it is outside of Bitwarden"?

Some sites have their own 2fa systems (like Steam), or use SMS (like PayPal).

When I use the function in the web vault for “Inactive 2fa”, these sites, and others, are listed.

Is there anything I can put in the login 2fa textbox that just tells Bitwarden that it should count these logins as OK in relation to 2fa?

Please advise.

I’ve been digging up a lot in the forums and communities, and so far I can tell that would require a lot of coding for lots and specific services. As far as there are too many available, if it was “universal”, I think it would be fine to implement such feature.

By the way, it’s a bit obvious to tell that a certain 2FA method has been set by not having it listed on your Bitwarden’s vault. After all, you have to set all them up manually, one by one. Cmiiw.

EDIT: This can also help you for further details. It has been discussed here before, I’ve just found it.