Can bitwarden show "log in with google/apple/facebook" for a site?

I just discovered - to my surprise - that Google Passwords is able to show if you have an email-based login (email+password) for a site (say Spotify), or if you are using an openid (?) provider like facebook/apple/google/… See the attached screenshot from google passwords, where for spotify it shows the facebook openid login is used.

That’s very neat, because for the few sites I do use an openid login (instead of email+password) it would be nice if bitwarden could tell me. Currently, that was a bit of a black spot in my previous password manager (lastpass), and I wonder if it also is in bitwarden.

So, is this possible with bitwarden?

Bitwarden does not appear to have a log of login.

I did not meant “a log”. I meant “logging in” :slight_smile: