Can Bitwarden do that?

Bitwarden on my pc and mobile, fine.
My wife is changing to a new mobile, and she can’t remember login and passwords for some apps. And she’s asking me if Bitwarden can help with that?
My answer is “probably not”.
Is that right?

Hey @Jafe can you provide additional details? You’re already a Bitwarden user and your wife is considering the same? Bitwarden can store and retrieve credentials on the new mobile device but let me know if you’re referring to specific functionality.

Are you looking at a Bitwarden Family Plan?

Well Yes she’s thinking on being a member too, if it can help her with her problem.

She’s changing to a new mobile and can’t remember login and passwords to apps on the old one.
She hopes it could be an easy solution, but I don’t think so.

If they don’t have access to original credentials, the best thing to do is to start using a password manager to piece and store any available information together. You can use the ‘forgot password’ feature for many accounts to reset the password.