Can Bitwarden Developers see my master password?

Ok, I got a very simple question. Can Bitwarden developer access to my master password? We are signing up and logging in our online account with the master password. What is stopping them to get our password and log in to our vault? How do you trust the developers?

Countless of things discussed in this forum regarding the security of the passwords but it seems nobody thought the bad guy might be the person who built the vault. I would like to know what you guys think about it?

No they can’t access your password, everything is encrypted with your master password which is salted hashed before leaving your computer and is salted and hashed again on Bitwarden’s side.
You also don’t need to trust the devs, their full source code is on github and anyone can go through it. Their code has also been fully audited by Cure53, check out report here. If you don’t trust their servers, you have option to self host.


No. Check out the FAQ: