Calling all Android beta testers. 2.18.1 Release thread

Attention all beta testers! Android version 2.18.1 build 4579 is now available for testing. Visit the Beta category to find out how to participate.


May I inquire as to whether this build addresses the current lack of NFC support for physical device login on my Androids? Probably not but I am wondering. Currently being forced to employ TOTP for Android signin.

I’ll find out and get back to you shortly!

Is the Username feature available yet? I do not see it available in the Generator menu.

Does participating mean there is any risk to my passwords security?

Hey @wjoelk853, stay tuned! The Username Generator feature will be added to mobile in a future release!

@philip_rhoades You can read more about participating in the beta program here, which includes a disclaimer about using beta apps at your discretion. You can also use a secondary account with dummy data for testing purposes.