Bwdata permissions change on upgrade

I attempted to migrate my self hosted bitwarden instance to a new server (Ubuntu 20.04).

I got bitwarden installed and and copied over my bwdata directory/contents. Anytime running ./ update,rebuild,start the bwdata directory changes permissions to (nobody, nogroup)

I was able to start all of the containers and thought everything was working. I even created a new entry. But shortly after came back and couldn’t create an entry. Checked and the permissions were changed again.

Any ideas?

I emailed Bitwarden support and they supplied me with a fix. I was a little late in getting it applied.

in the /opt/bitwarden/bwdata/env/uid.env the UID value didn’t match the same as my new server.

id -u bitwarden spit out a value of 1001.

I replaced both lines with the value. Ran ./ /rebuild and everything came up normal and permissions stayed.

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