BW leaving system in Secure Input mode

Since installing Bitwarden I have been encountering problems with other apps not responding to keyboard string shortcuts and modifier double taps, in particular LaunchBar and Typinator. Keyboard Maestro put up an alert on launch saying “Secure Input is Enabled” and inviting the user to quit apps that might be causing the problem. (For more see assistance:Secure Input Problem [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])

It turns out that (on my system at least) when Bitwarden is minimised to the menubar and logged out, the system is left in Secure Input mode, which can conflict with the shortcuts of other apps. The workaround is either to quit BW, or relax the requirements for logging out. It would be much better if it was possible for BW to release SE mode when it was in the background.

Issue was already mentioned here:

Thanks Peter. I’m not sure if this is the same issue. I wouldn’t have recognised that thread as being related and I did search. I’ll add a cross-reference there in any case.

What I am finding is a fully reproducible issue which occurs when BW is in the background and locked or logged out, so nothing to do with auto-fill but apparently with a dormant log-in/unlock field. I suspect there is a coding error in BW that is causing it to hold the system in Secure Input mode when it should not.

I see the same using BW 1.27.1 (531) on macOS 11.5.2.


According to Bitwarden support, this is a known issue which is due to be fixed in the next release: GitHub page.