BW doesn't recognize BW website credentials

I’m maintaining two instances of 2FAS (one for my SO) authenticator app and Bitwarden recognizes only one of them on my BW Firefox and Safari browser extensions.

I have set these TOTP authenticators the same way: URI1 is https// and URI2 is https// Bitwarden is not in Excluded domains.

When I visit menu bar shield icon recognizes both 2FAS instances and shows a “2” indicating there are two choices in the vault to choose from.

However, when I visit a Bitwarden site the menu bar shows only one of these instances as a choice: my SO’s instance, always. (The shield icon actually shows “5” as there are several Bitwarden sites, but it never shows both 2FAS instances.)

If it matters, both instances were instantiated by manually pasting the TOTP seed, and both function properly.

This isn’t a Firefox issue as the same thing happens with Safari.

Desktop app is not running.

I must be overlooking something. Any ideas?

Having trouble understanding your description.

Are you describing how you’ve set up the 2FAS app? If so, shouldn’t you be asking on the 2FAS community forum?

If the above is a description of how you’ve set up a Bitwarden login item for the Bitwarden community forum site or for the Bitwarden web vault, then there is no conceivable reason why you would set URI2 to be https//

What is your ultimate goal? To be able to autofill login credentials for the Bitwarden web vault and Bitwarden community forum?

It seems to me that your Bitwarden vault should contain 2–4 different login items, each with a single URI string (URI1):

  • Your Bitwarden Web Vault: URI1= (with your master password)
  • Your Bitwarden Community Forum Account: URI1= (with your forum account password)
  • (Optional) Your SO’s Bitwarden Web Vault: URI1= (with your SO’s master password)
  • (Optional) Your SO’s Bitwarden Community Forum Account: URI1= (with your SO’s forum account password)

Your SO should set up the last two of these in their Bitwarden vault (and optionally add the first two).

Anything related to 2FAS should be set up in the 2FAS app, not in Bitwarden. See their FAQ for instructions.

Might just be a typo in your post, but the URLs probably ought to be: and Note the colon and slashes were reversed.

That was it. Thanks. It’s working now.

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Thanks. I was concentrating too much on the details and not enough on the goal, which is to have Bitwarden TOTP available for Desktop app purposes when it’s logged out. I primarily use Yubikey.

I added for testing purposes to see if it would work while Bitwarden did not. I’ll delete them now that my typo has been pointed out to me. Thanks.