Bw CLI: when creating an item does not recognize Cyrillic characters

powerhsell 5.1
win server 2016/2012/2019
bw cli 1.18/1.21

I use scripts to optimize the work with Bitwarden, but adding items in Cyrillic instead of symbols are displayed “? ? ? ?”

this is my line for creating an item:

$endcode1 = "{""object"":""item"",""id"":null,""organizationId"":null,""folderId"":""18d085f5-f7ab-4e40-9ee1-acc5008cbfc4"",""type"":1,""reprompt"":0,""name"":""$name"",""notes"":null,""favorite"":false,""login"":{""username"":""$username"",""password"":""$Password1"",""totp"":null,""passwordRevisionDate"":null}}" | bw encode --session $masterpass
bw create item $endcode1 --session $masterpass

in the variable “$name” I keep the Cyrillic characters
that’s what i get as a result

do not judge strictly by the passage from the script, I just started to master the powershell