Button to switch user

On Home PC use 2 persons the bitwarden extension. It would be great, there is a button to simply switch the user and let me log in to the other account. So i have only use the password for this. Like google accounts.

Now i have first log out and then completely log in to the other acc (witch email and password).

@OOmatrixOO, none of the password managers I’ve used and seen had that feature. And I believe it’s clear to know why: this decreases the security of the platform.

I don’t think it’s a clever idea to switch between users quickly without re-prompting the master password and a 2FA method like that, it would be very insecure, in my opinion.

Hi @K0media, no with re-prompting the master password. You select the account name and then you have to enter the password.

Something similar is available at KeePass. There you can select the last used containers.

Maybe it’s related to this: