[Bug report] context menu doesn't open on an searched item

Hi there!

I’m confronting with this issue and i don’t know if it’s a bug or it happens only on my end.

Bitwarden has the 3 dots menu for every entry, to copy the username, password and other options.

It works when i scroll through the entries and click on the selected one i want ; but the menu doesn’t open after i filter/search the entry and then click the 3 dots.

I also have screenshots but I’m restricted to only one, I’ll try to put here the most representative one:

Hopefully this is a good reproduction, I would accept any troubleshooting steps or am willing to provide any system info needed. Here I’m running Bitwarden latest version for Android 13, Samsung Galaxy A53

Thank you!

P.S. love this password manager very much! Thank you for your time and dedication in developing it!

Thanks, the team is tracking this one here: The ellipsis (3 dots) button next to each vault item within the search results does not work and does nothing. · Issue #2446 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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