Bug report?: 4-part domain names

Didn’t see this in the help pages.

My org uses Salesforce, which has recently moved to urls of the type organization.my.salesforce.com . When on this page, bitwarden doesn’t recognize that I have account. I assume it’s screwed up by the 4-part domain name. I haven’t had this problem anywhere else, and when I search in the vault, I find it easily.

HI @rye_how - welcome to the community forums!

It sounds like the matching scheme for your salesforce login was set to match the old website address, and now that it has changed, it needs to be updated. All you should have to do is edit your login item and add a new URI. For example, assuming you are using https URLs, you might add the URI https://organization.my.salesforce.com and set the match detection scheme to Host. That’s it!

More details can be found here:

Let us know how you make out so that we can help more or close this report as solved.